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MICT 12-04-2007 12:24 AM

Forum Rules - Made In China Talk
While there are very few specific posting guidelines, so please use common sense.
  • You should have 20 total posts to post in the Advertising Forum.
  • Advertising your products, services is strictly prohibited in all forums except for the Advertising Forum.
  • Start new threads in the most relevant forum category.
  • Don't create posts with nothing but a link. If you are going to link to a news article for example, give a summary of it.
  • No links to adult content please.
  • Signatures may contain no more than 3 lines.
  • Personal attacks against people will not be tolerated. Offensive language is not permitted. If you have an issue with someone or their products or services, take it up with them personally.
  • Don't "bump" threads and don't post duplicate threads.
  • Don't spam the forum with things like:
    • Affiliate links (they are allowed in signatures though)
    • Nothing but a link to your own site.
  • The staff here had the final say on what is appropriate and what is not.
  • Enjoy the company of other members and keep it fun.

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