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Default iMac Data Recovery

Deleted, lost, or corrupted file on an iMac may seem like a big problem. However, the issue is not a big deal when you use a reliable recovery program. If a recent unexpected incident has resulted in loss of information, involuntarily removed files, or hard drive reformatting, then iMac file retrieval software is the fastest, most reliable option for salvaging files.

If you are in dire need of a quick solution for retrieving files on your hard drive, then Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is your first line of defense. For example, a file is accidentally moved into trash and then the trash is emptied before you realized it had made its way there. Donít assume the information is gone, as an iMac file recovery utility is capable of getting it back before you can even bat an eye.

Regardless of how much data or what files you need to retrieve, any combination may be quickly salvaged from a hard drive. The following steps are all you need:
  1. Choose a volume to scan.
  2. Select a recovery mode.
  3. Select files in the scan results.
  4. Complete iMac data retrieval.

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