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Default Technology speeds battery charging, extends operating life

Two power management chipsets from Texas Instruments feature the company's MaxLife fast charge technology, which is said to allow single cell Li-ion batteries to be charged more quickly and to last longer.

The bq27530 and bq27531 fuel gauge circuits, coupled with TI's bq2416x and bq2419x chargers, optimise battery performance using the fastest possible charge rates with minimal battery degradation.

TI says MaxLife technology enables: charging rates of up to 4.5A for single-cell lithium batteries; extended battery service life with minimum degradation of run-time after each discharge cycle; and high efficiency charging with enhanced thermal management and reduced heat generation. The high performance Impedance Track monitoring system is said to provide the most accurate capacity estimation and precise control of charging current and termination thresholds.

The bq27530 and bq27531 battery fuel gauges with charger control are available in a 2 x 1 x 0.65mm 15pin wafer chipscale package. The bq24192 4.5A battery charger comes in a 24pin, 4 x 4mm qfn and the bq24160 dual input 2.5A charger comes in either a 24pin qfn or a 2.8 x 2.8mm, 49ball wcsp.
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