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Default Mexican Real Estate

Owning real estate in Mexico has changed greatly in the last 10 years for foreign, non-Mexican nationals. Starting in 1994, the federal government of Mexico liberalized ownership provisions of every property within the constitutionally guarded area often known as the "prohibited zone". Prospective buyers beyond Mexico's borders aiming to buy tourist (housing developments, condominiums and time share campaigns), traditional, commercial or urban property are now able to cherish better legal freedom and ownership privileges as mandated and guarded under Mexico's innovative foreign investment law. In Mexico, such as the U.S., the transfer of real estate investments rights are administered by federal, state and local laws. Foreign nationals wanting to acquire property or home are subject to approval and registration with Mexico's Department of Foreign Affairs. This federal degree agency is liable for awarding the lawfully required licenses and authorizations to buy property in the Mexican Republic, as well as to purchase real estate properties rights. Visit our site for Mexico real estate listings and for more about Mexico visit Riviera Maya News.
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