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Default Learn Chinese with native speaker

Long long ago , there was a good qin player. Once he played a piece of music in front of a cow, hoping that the cow would appreciate it. The music was wonderful but the cow just kept on eating grass and had no reaction, the player sighed and just went away. This idiom to play the lute to a cow is used to indicate reasoning with stubborn people or talking to the wrong audience. This is April from MandarinGarden, I like ancient poems, guqin, calligraphy, majored in history and i like ancient philosophy like taolism, laozi, zhuangzi and now I m learning buddism. Now I teach Chinese in MandarinGarden and if you want to learn mandarin, have any questions about Chinese culture or want to find someone to chat about art and history, just contact me online. Wish everyone of you in shanghai have a good luck and ????!My qq: 465484561Email: april@mandaringarden.orgSkype:ubfd88
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