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Please note, this is just a checklist, for detailed explanation of each and every parameter check my article 9 Brilliant On Page SEO Optimization Tips For Ranking Better

Regarding Content

Have you included your Keywords? Are you using proper long tail keywords?
Have you checked your keyword density? It should be 0.5%-2%
Are you using keyword in your first 100 words and towards the end?
Is your content original? Does it add more value to your readers as compared to your competitors?
Did you research enough for the article?
Are you providing references from Authentic websites with proper relevant anchor text?
Are you using relevant Images and Videos?

Regarding Meta Tags

Does your Page Title Include your Keyword?
Is your keyword at the beginning of the page title? If not can your rephrase your Page Title?
Are you using proper meta description?
Does your meta Description include Keywords?

Regarding Permalink

Are you using Keywords in your Permalink URL?
Is your permalink readable by human?

Regarding Header tags

Does your Theme use H1 tag for your Page Title?
Double check if you are using H1 tag apart from Page Title. If so convert them to H2 tags.
Are you using your keyword in H2 and H3 tags?

Regarding Optimization of Image

Have you added Alt tag to all your images?
Have you changed your Image file name to contain relevant keywords?
Are you Using Image Title?
Have you optimized your image to reduce it's size?

Imrprove Readability of Your Article

Is your font size large enough to be readable my most?
Have your formatted your text into small and meaningful paragraph?
Have you formatted your points with Bullets and Numbers?
Double check you article to make sure you are using proper punctuations
Checked your article's Flesch score? It Should be above 60 ( WordPress users can measure their Flesch score using SEO By Yoast Plugin)

Mobile Responsiveness

Are you using Responsive theme?If not, change immediately.
Are you using Advertisements that cover up your mobile screen? Disable if you are using
Is your text readable on mobile screen?
Check you post with Google Mobile Friendly test tool?

Internal Linking

Have you linked back to other relevant articles within your Blog?
Are you displaying related posts to your Readers?
Are you using relevant anchor text for your internal links?

Site Load Time?

Have you checked your webpage speed with Google PageSpeed Insight? Your score should be atleast above 80
Is your site time less within acceptable limit? ( 1 MB Website should load within 4 seconds.
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