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Default Renovation of old house

Hello all,

I am an IT professional working in Toronto. My better half and I recently moved to our new home in Toronto. This is our first home. In reality, we remodelled an old house as we enjoyed every little thing about it, the area and the spot. Ventilation work and electrical installation could've been extremely troublesome without expert assistance. It truly took a great deal of our vitality. Be that as it may, it's everything justified, despite all the trouble now. A week ago we moved to our new home. Though it is a big responsibility we are really excited about it. The neighbors are likewise extraordinary and accommodating. They helped us a lot at the time of construction and staging. Last day they did advise us the importance of having a regular electrical home inspection.
However, is it extremely fundamental for a recently built house? I think the wiring is going to be alright for at least a year now. What do you guys think..?? Is it really necessary..??
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