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You may just obtain contribution

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Old 06-04-2018, 05:20 PM
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Default You may just obtain contribution

A few other MMOs have the concept of map participation, which means you need to contribute a lot to an event/meta occasion before you begin earning the much better rewards out of MS Mesos. And the best rewards are only handed out to those who reach very high levels of contribution/participation from the occasion. I think that a similar system for elite boss benefits could take away a huge part of the toxicity and camping that surrounds elite boss searching.

In short, you may just obtain contribution if you are in the map's level range. And for mobs under level 200, if you are more than 5 degrees over the mob you get reduced participation. At this time I envision contribution as being a combination of killing dinosaurs at the map to help provoke the elite boss, and also damage dealt to the elite boss. This way, players that elite search can still get a very small bit of map participation, but the players that actually put in the job to spawn the elite will get the better rewards.

In case you have 0 map participation once the elite boss is murdered you're ineligible to get one of those rare reward chests. If you only have low participation, then you can get a brand new version of the torso which only a tiny subset of those prizes. Probably something like no CSS without a epic pot scrolls IDK. If you have high participation you get the routine, purple infrequent reward chests. And the longer you have, the further chests you earn.

What I mean is that you would need to maintain the map knowingly killing mobs, for several moments before you start earning contribution. This combats those KSers who wait until a map is dark and then take all of the kills to spawn it. They should not be getting anywhere near precisely the same contribution as the gamers who really put in the job to spawn the boss. Also in the event that you wait too long without gaining any participation (10 minutes) then it starts to decay. This prevents people from going in, killing many hundred/thousand of dinosaurs to get high participation and only camping in the map afk on a stage protected from the elite boss and gaining lots of benefits for doing nothing.

I understand that a few will be against this because they hunt elites to put on Maplestory2 Mesos . But that mindset is indeed toxic to the match. Individuals should earn rewards through actually enjoying Maplestory, not channel surfing and KSing somebody's map when its about to spawn an elite. That's just so unbelievably toxic, and this could go a long way towards getting rid of that mindset. If implemented correctly they could even produce the reward chests better because individuals would actually be making them.
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