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Old 10-22-2010, 10:12 AM
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Default greatest scam

Do not order goods from "" or “Hangzhou Weifeng Electronics Company Limited.(MR. LUIS PENG)” or “WH HuangChao trade Co.,Ltd” - or any site referred by made-in
All these sites are extremely corrupt scammers and the list is much more extensive than this see -


1. You make contact & join - "" (Miss Wu) they tell you do not order from their site unless you check the company name with committee first, they have had trouble with sellers (RED FLAG) - they gain your full trust this way.
2. You check a few companies on the site and you follow their advice, tell you some are good but oh no some are not – Full of trust you begin communicating with the recommended companies (In my case the ones above) all is friendly and seems legit but the companies are impatient & very eager for a quick response (RED FLAG).
3. You are ready to order with companies that say they accept PAYPAL and small orders or sample orders, but because your order is small to start things off ie:US$350 Hangzhou Weifeng Electronics Company Limited.(MR. LUIS PENG)) say they won’t accept PAYPAL its only for larger orders, and they want a Western Union payment. The supplier cannot be convinced to accept PAYPAL all sorts of excuses ie: costs them money, takes too long to get funds etc - any legit company will accept PAYPAL (RED FLAG). In my case I didn't see it and I went ahead ... they were good communicators / scammers.
4. Several days later you get an email asking for a larger order because Hangzhou Weifeng Electronics Company Limited.(MR. LUIS PENG) are having trouble with the Chinese Customs and value of the goods, they ask for at least US$600 (RED FLAG), to cover the Customs and then they will send the goods free delivery without delay, I went ahead and ordered more items bringing the total to US$602 all paid via Western Union.
5. A few more days you get a UPS or EMS tracking number emailed with a .jpg image of the tag with your name on it, but look closely at the name text on the tag it is different & looks like it’s been touched up. You check with UPS "No such Item in your name". You email Hangzhou Weifeng Electronics Company Limited.(MR. LUIS PENG) he tells you his dispatch make big mistake send goods to Nigeria but he will fix for you. (RED FLAG)
6. A few more days no reply you contact Hangzhou Weifeng Electronics Company Limited.(MR. LUIS PENG) and he asks for more money so he can get goods through Nigerian Customs to you (RED FLAG) I stopped here and complained to they came across all strong and righteous asking for my proof of payment and what was ordered exactly etc so they can investigate immediately, 1 day later they advise that Hangzhou Weifeng Electronics Company Limited.(MR. LUIS PENG) had been called to attend their office and they will advise me of result he will be punished etc.
7. A few more days & email me, all is good Hangzhou Weifeng Electronics Company Limited.(MR. LUIS PENG) have dropped off another package to their office to send to me but they will need US$350 to deliver it from China through Customs etc (RED FLAG) I didn't pay.
8. I go back to Hangzhou Weifeng Electronics Company Limited.(MR. LUIS PENG) and tell him to get the package delivered from Nigeria at his cost since it was his error,"No sorry I have told my people in Nigeria to sell and send me the money" (In reality there are no people or package in Nigeria and the whole operation may even be run by one person in a small room with a lot of fake business names) (RED FLAG)
9. So since I'm already in for US$600 I advise I will pay the US$350 by PAYPAL, "oh no are not company won't accept Paypal must be Western Union" (RED FLAG). This time I explode and unleash it on, they accuse me of not co-operating !! What a joke they get you to explode so they feel good about ripping you off and you are at fault ... man they are good at scamming ... lol
10. I told them that it will be my life mission to expose them to the world via the internet and TV unless they pay to have the package delivered and only when and if they do this it will all be OK & I will gladly pay US$350 by Western Union because I am honest unlike the Chinese.
11. cease communication they realise they have milked as much cash from me as they will get, they tell me “there is NOTHING I CAN DO TO THEM” ...

Please read the above carefully it will save you from becoming a victim like me I honestly feel that this is a strong indicator as to the standards of Chinese business people. I warn you think very carefully, I got off very lightly if you want to read more about the Chinese way of doing business then see this link for a scam that netted US$26,250 its about 2/3 down the page !!

1. You contact a Chinese company and begin negotiating, they are polite and keen to get a quick order and start a long term business relationship.
2. You order the goods and give them the specifications of the order asking for a sample first before making large order. They agree but will only accept Western Union, stating Paypal only for large order begging you to understand, excuses include – Paypal costs them money, it takes 3months to get funds, etc … any legit company will accept Paypal.
3. So you have ordered by Western Union payment. Big surprise you get an email with a legit EMS tracking number. You check it on the web its all good its left China and eventually arrives in Australia at customs.
4. You either pick up goods from Post Office or they are delivered to your door, you open the package and find a cheap toy not the high end equipment you ordered.
5. You contact the company and they can’t understand what went wrong.
The Chinese have numerous variations of these scams the bottom line is only pay by paypal and even then you may receive an empty or worthless item and since you’ve signed for it paypal may not refund your cash.
Thanks For Reading (Pass it on to anyone who may be thinking of this)
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