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Why do teen girls wear UGGS?

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Old 07-19-2009, 08:20 AM
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Default Why do teen girls wear UGGS?

Millions and millions of sheep r killed 2 make sheepkin UGGSDO u wear UGGS?will U stop buying them and wearing them???Do u know that so many sheep have been killed that they can't keep up with demand. thats y there sold outWill u stop wearing them now? Do u feel sorry 4 the sheep?Do you have to really kill the poor sheep just to make a pair of UGG boots?The answer is YES. The sheep has to be slaughted to obtain their hide and fleece. Now once the sheepskin hides are taken from the sheep then the process of preparing the hide for manufacturers and ensuring the hides are up to export standard begins. Woolskins are usually preserved with salt prior to being processed by tanneries. At the tannery the skins are processed in large vessels called paddles which vary in capacity from 3000 to 15000 litres. In contrast to hide processing, in woolskin processing mechanical action is kept to a minimum in order to minimise felting of the wool. Rotating blades on the paddles move the skins slowly and gently, and processing is performed at much higher float ratios (typically 20-35 litres of water per skin) than are used in hide processing. Typically it takes about 10 working days for the skins to be tanned and finished ready to be cut into panels for ugg bootsUGG® Australia uses only the best quality sheepskin exclusively. Twin-faced sheepskin is used in many of our core products. A piece of twin-faced sheepskin has been treated on both the fleece side, and the skin side.The wool of genuine sheepskin is extremely dense (more-so than any synthetic), which provides for a more comfortable and durable material.Fleece breathes, wicks moisture away, and allows air to circulate, keeping feet dry.Sheepskin is naturally water resistant & therefore small amounts of moisture will not seep through or damage it.UGG® Australia sheepskin is naturally thermostatic & therefore will keep bare feet warm in temperatures as low as -30°F and cool in temperatures as high as 80°F (Sheepskin will naturally insulate by keeping feet warm in the winter & cool in the summer.)The sheep that we use have finer wool & cleaner skin
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