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Huimo 濊貊 people (Yemaek)- ancestors of Chosun

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Old 06-08-2009, 07:14 PM
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Default Huimo 濊貊 people (Yemaek)- ancestors of Chosun

I came across the name of this ancient tribe known as "Huimo 濊貊" said to be living in North-Eastern region of present day Jilin province (North-East China) and North-West region of North Korea in ancient times. In Korean, they were known as Yemaek 예맥. They were said to be pre-ancestors of Chosun ethnic (korean). Together with Eastern hu 東胡 and Sushen 肅慎, they were part of the 3 ancient ethnicities in Manchuria.

We actually had this discussion a long time ago at, but the discussion had degenerated into a sensless ethno-nationalist debate. Here, let's throw away the pointless debate of 'chinese' or 'korean' (or the 'legendary founding of "Gorguyo"), but to discuss in more positive light about the historical origin of this ancient people.

Some scholars said that the Huimo (Yemaek) had maintained a distinctive traits in that they were not nomads, but led a pastoral living. Some said that they were also possibly related to Koryaks, an ancient people in Siberia (Russia).

Many Chinese sources mentioned that Huimo 濊貊 was the combination of two ethnic tribes: Hui 濊 and Mo 貊 . Note that like any ancient "barbarian" historical terms in chinese sources such as Dongyi, Quanrong, these terms are generally quite derogatory. In any case, I urge Korean not to get offended by these, as these were only 'historical terms'. The terms served only to imply the ancient Chinese's contempt for any people living on the outskirt of chinese civilization.

The Hui tribes 濊族 were living in Shandong pennisular during the Xia and Shang dynasty and belonged to the Dongyi 東夷 (Eastern Yi) people. After Zhou conquered Shang, the Hui were forced to move to North-East region (Manchuria). During Western Zhou period, the Hui once paid tributes to the Zhou dynasty. During Spring/Autumn period, Duke Huan of Qi (Qi state) once waged war against Zhou and during Warring States period, the Hui led a living of pastoral and fishing life-style.

The Hui tribes had a number of offshoots: Gao Yi 高夷 (leading to the Biryu 비류 沸流 state), Liang Yi 良夷 (ancient Chosun or Lelangyi 樂浪夷), Dong Hui 東濊

The Mo tribes 貊族 were an altaic nomadic people living in Mongolia steppes. The Huimo (Yemaek) language was regarded as the most "altaicized" language. It was combined by the fusion between Hui language and Mo language.

Later, based on this, the Mo people of the Hui ethnic established the various ancient korean states Buyeo 부여 夫餘 (200 BC-494 AD), Okjeo 옥저 沃沮, Goguryo 고구려 高句丽and Paekche 백제 百濟.

During Qin-Han period, there was a kingdom called Hui state 濊王國 formed by the Hui people. There was a northern tribe forming part of the Hui people known as Shuoli 索離族

Chinese Source:;variant=zh-tw

Korean Source:

Not much is known about how the Hui tribes are linked to be part of the Dongyi people of Xia/Shang dynasty. Can someone tell me more about it?

Does anyone know more information on how the Hui tribes migrated from Shandong province to Manchuria?
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Old 11-06-2016, 07:14 PM
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I'm reading one book right now: 'Ancient History of Manchuria, Redefining the past' by Lee Mosol. I don't know how much of it is pseudo history or actual history. But the author equated the Gao Yi 高夷 to the Shanrong people. Although this reply is 7 years late, I'm in the same boat as you and have alot of interest in this topic
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