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As a tourist it's quite good. We have a myriad of social and socio-economic issues, all of which you might see if you were looking, but you would not experience it unless you stayed for an extended period of time. As a native, I'd say it's still actually quite pleasant unless you're unlucky enough to be born in to abject poverty which, unfortunately, a very large portion of our population have had the misfortune of being. 76% of our population is black. That's somewhere around 30 million people. Of these people, 63% live on R800 a month which is next to nothing. That's about $70. It really is almost nothing and how people can survive on this is truly amazing. South Africa is a land of extremes. The upper class live a life akin to living in a first world country, while the poor are among the poorest in the world. Despite this, South Africans are generally a happy people. I've lived and grew up in what would be considered a ghetto with rampant crime but you learn to live with it and avoid it. If you manage to do that you find yourself in one of the most beautiful countries in the world filled with truly amazing people. Our social issues and inequality often mask this but it truly is a wonderful place filled with opportunity.
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